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Security boost in Kerio as Rotich delivers surveillance drone

By December 30, 2022 No Comments

Elgeyo Marakwet Governor Wisley Rotich has delivered a drone that will be used for security surveillance to security officers in Kerio Valley.

The infrared-capable gadget which was tested today can travel to a radius of 10 kilometres and can also operate at night and cloudy conditions.

Speaking in Tot, Endo Ward, the governor said this was one of his several attempts to stamp out banditry in the area. “We are now resorting to technology to address this insecurity challenge.The drone will help our security officers locate the bandits and monitor their movements. We have tested it and confirmed that it is functional he said, “The bandits should now stay warned that we are not leaving anything to chance. I made a promise during my campaigns and today, I have delivered this drone”.

He said in the past, residents were often ambushed by bandits who took time planning in the bush. “They will now have nowhere to hide. They can be monitored and it will be easier to thwart their plans. I know we lost count of people who have died as a result of banditry”.

He urged local residents to plan cultivating their farmers in readiness for the next planting season. “Start planning for next season. We have market for sorghum and cotton. We have to make this area productive. We can produce the best cotton here,” he added.

He said all stalled county projects which include Tot-Kolowa irrigation scheme which collapsed because of insecurity will be revived.

Elgeyo Marakwet Police County Commander Francis Nguli said the drone would help in monitoring security across the Kerio Valley belt.

Nelson Yano from Koibirir location thanked the governor for considering the region in his plans. “I am happy that our governor has kept his promise. Some of us where still wondering how the drone would work but today, it has proved it’s worth.We were shown all areas where bandits used to hide.”

He thanked the local security team for buying and supporting his idea adding that in the past, police officers and National Police Reservists often followed the thieves blindly.

County Commissioner John Korir thanked the governor for his efforts towards restoring peace in Kerio Valley. He said despite being a function of national government, the efforts by the governor to fight banditry in the region had paid back.

Endo Member of County Assembly Jeremiah Biwott appreciated the move by the governor. “Don’t get tired working for our people. I am happy that you are working well with the county assembly and the national government. This is the only way our people will benefit.”

He said he will talk to the local residents to shift to zero grazing in order to reduce the high number of cows grazing in the bush.