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Retirees celebrated

By December 5, 2022 No Comments

Thirty members from the departments of Agriculture, Livestock and Veterinary officially retired.

Some have served for more than 35 years. They were appreciated for their sacrifice and valuable services that has seen farming skills improve and production rate spur.

Deputy Governor Prof. Grace Cheserek graced the occasion and congratulated the retirees as they transited to other endeavours after public service.

“As you go home, remember retirement is when life gives you the greatest chance to do what you didn’t and explore more opportunities. I believe retirement will give you peace of mind,” said Prof. Cheserek.

She encouraged the retirees to undergo retirement workshops.

CeCm Monica Jeptum and Edwin Seroney also attended the farewell. They joined Prof. Cheserek in congratulating the retirees and echoed her proposal.

“Retirement is a blank sheet of paper. It is a chance to redesign your life into something new and different ” said Jeptum.

They were overwhelmingly congratulated for their incredible service that has not been limited to just physical change.

County Secretary, CeCm Agriculture, Livestock, irrigation and Fisheries, Chief Officers and the departmental officers also attended the event.