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Over 500 students equipped with technical skills

By October 29, 2019 No Comments

Vocational training will produce the workforce needed to drive economic growth and create employment in our country, Elgeyo Marakwet County Governor H.E Alex Tolgos has said.

Tolgos said the county government intends to establish skill and business incubation centres in selected VTCs which are earmarked as centres of excellence where graduands will be expected to nurture start-up businesses.

Speaking during the graduation of more than 500 students drawn from several vocational training centres in the County at Iten Sports Ground, Governor Tolgos urged the youth to acquire technical skills to cope with the current rising rate of unemployment.

“The technician skills offered at the VTCs are tickets to direct self employed. We will always need a plumber, a carpenter or tailor in our daily lives. The VTCs offers a fertile ground for self employment,” said Tolgos, “there is opportunity for self-employment especially with the current ongoing electricity connectivity and my administration will ensure that such people become successful in live”.

Since 2013, 14 VTC centres have been established in the county.

Deputy Governor Wisley Rotich said it was encouraging to see products that had in the recent past been procured from neighbouring counties being produced at home.

“We have been buying construction blocks outside our county but we have been able to demonstrate here today by students from Kapcherop VTC which can see the cost of construction come down,” he said.

The vocational centres used the opportunity to showcase some of the products and services from the institutes.

Among them were Chesewew who showcased their baking skills, Kitany VTC which had an excellent shoe making class and Flax VTC which displayed excellent beauty therapy skills.

“From here, these students can start earning a living from what they have learnt,” said Education and Technical Training Chief Executive committee member Edwin Kisang, “they are prepared with skills that will make them fend for themselves and plough back to the community.”

Others were Kibirech, Koitilial,Kapchebit Chebara, Kiplabai, Chesongoch, Kipchawat, Iten Kitany and Chepkorio.