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Ksh 23 Million boost for Locust Mitigation…

By June 14, 2024 No Comments
H.E Governor Wisley Rotich today presided over the distribution of Sh23 million cheques to 123 groups from seven Wards under the Emergency Locust Response Program (ELRP).
The wards which include Tambach, Arror, Emsoo, Soy South, Endo, Soy North and Sambirir were severely affected by locust invasion in 2020 which destroyed crops and grazing fields.
In a bid to restore their livelihoods, the groups, organised in different value chains will benefit as follows:
Doper sheep improvement-30
Dairy goats-47 groups
Galla goats-15 groups
Beans-18 groups
Beekeeping-5 groups
Watermelon-3 groups
Bulb onions-3 groups
Tomatoes-2 groups.
The project has previously supported 185 groups and led a massive vaccination of goats and sheep, supply of 10 ton sorghum seeds and fruit trees seedlings (Mango and avocado) in the Wards.
To cushion farmers on post harvest losses, under ELRP, two storage facilities will be constructed and a sorghum threshing machine purchased.
The program will also support Kormut, Kabonon-Kapkamak, Kokwao and Kerio Valley Fruits farmer-cooperative societies in mobilisation and equipping their offices.
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