Tourism, Culture, Wildlife, Trade & Industry

This sub-sector comprises of five units: Tourism, Culture, Trade, Wildlife and Industry.


A globally competitive and innovative tourism, trade and industrial sector for socio-economic development.


To provide an enabling environment that facilitates trade investments, tourism enhancement, industrial development and cultural preservation for socio-economic growth.


  1. Co-ordination of the implementation of tourism policies, strategies, programmes and projects
  2. Promotion of domestic tourism in the county
  3. Management and administration of trade and business development services.
  4. Monitor and evaluate of trade development projects and programmes. g) Development of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) engaged in trade
  5. Coordinate promotion of industrial development in the County analyzing trade, Industry, Weights & Measures, Betting and control
  6. Mobilizes and manages human, financial and other resources for cultural development
  7. Promotes and develops creative cultural industries, such as performing, visual and literary arts as an economic sector
  8. Promotes, preserves and develops Kenya’s indigenous knowledge systems and safeguards the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) for posterity



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