Sports, Youth Affairs, ICT & Social Services

The Department comprises of Sports development (Infrastructure & Talent development), Social empowerment, Social protection and ICT.


A socially cohesive, equitable and technologically empowered, community rich in sports.


To formulate mainstream and implement policies, that empowers the vulnerable and marginalized groups, promotes sports talents and provides efficient, affordable, reliable and secure ICT services.

Mandates for directorate of Sports

  1. Formulates, implements, coordinates, reviews and monitors youth and Sport development policies and initiatives
  2. Evaluates and monitors the County Government on all aspects of sports
  3. Sports talent development
  4. Sports facility development and management
  5. Mobilizes and facilitates Elgeyo Marakwet county citizens to participate in sport
  6. Provides sport equipment, facilities and technical training

Mandates for directorate of  Youth affairs

  1. Develops youth empowerment centres
  2. Facilitates leadership/mentorship, entrepreneurship and life skills in training
  3. Facilitates Youth Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (YAGPO)
  4. Facilitates youth skill training
  5. Implements youth economic empowerment programs
  6. Sensitizes on social issues, drug and substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, environmental conservation

Mandates for directorate of Gender and Socials Services

  1. Formulates and reviews policies and guidelines for gender mainstreaming
  2. Advises and gives technical support on gender and social development issues
  3. Sensitizes and builds capacity for women and vulnerable groups
  4. Facilitates equal opportunities for special needs groups in education, employment, decision-making, representation and business
  5. Designs and implements children participation programmes
  6. Builds capacity on child rights, welfare, advisory and referral of individuals and groups to relevant service providers
  7. Guides community development and supervises programs and institutions for children’s care and development
  8. Facilitates access to Government Procurement Opportunities (PWDs and Women)
  9. Ensures gender equity and equality in development

Mandates for directorate ICT

  1. Develop, review and implement ICT strategies and policies
  2. Ensure adherences to ICT standards
  3. Development, review and advice on Software and Hardware specifications
  4. Maintenance of County ICT Platforms and equipment



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