Roads, Public Works & Transport

Vision of the Department

An excellent provider of reliable, sustainable, cost-effective infrastructure and clean energy

Mission of the Department

To provide efficient and reliable infrastructure, and clean energy through construction, modernization, rehabilitation and effective management for sustainable socio-economic development

Departmental Overview

An effective transportation network is essential for the improvement of county’s economy. Transport plays a great role in all key sectors of the economy through the flow of goods and human capital, it also links urban areas spurring urbanization. Unfortunately, the transport network is highly inadequate for the county’s mobility needs and competitiveness.

The priority for infrastructure sector was design, survey and construction of road infrastructure with a view of increasing the total network especially to inaccessible areas.

Since the inception of devolution, all-weather road network has increased from 1,148.2 to 1,496.2 Km representing 30% increase, of this 44 Km of road network was tarmacked, 178 Km is under construction to bitumen standards and expected to be completed by 2020 while 125.31 Km was graveled to motorable status.

The county government has also managed to construct four new bridges and open up 258.4 Km of new road network increasing the total road network from 1,579.4 to 2,060.64 Km.

These newly opened roads include access roads linking the Rimoi national reserve to the main road, athletic lanes for sports training and roads linking the Kerio valley (irrigation schemes) to the highlands and other agricultural markets.



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