Public Service Management and Administration

Vision of the Department

A leading dynamic and informative administrative system for efficient and effective public service.

Mission of the Department

To enhance coordination and supervision for effective and efficient public service delivery to citizens.

Departmental Overview

This sector is responsible for coordinating county government functions. It comprises of Human Resource, Payroll sections, Administration, Civic Education and Public Participation units. It also provides the overall policy and leadership direction to the county as well as the human resource functions in the public service.

The department is responsible in creating a favorable environment in the development of human resource capacity that ensures provision of quality public service. This involves trainings, performance appraisals and rewards which act as key components placed to motivate the staff.

The county is divided into four sub-counties, namely: Keiyo North, Keiyo South, Marakwet West and Marakwet East which act as sub county administrative units headed by Sub County administrators who act as a link together with the Ward administrators in the all 20 wards between Wananchi and the County executive. The Ward Administrators also facilitates and coordinate citizens participation in the development policy, the directorate of public participation and civic education.



Samuel Kipchumba

Director Administration


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