Public Service, Devolution, Administrations, Communications, ICT & E-Governance

The department is responsible for coordinating county government functions. It also provides the overall policy and leadership direction to the county as well as the human resource functions in the public service. The department comprises of Human Resource, Payroll, County Administration and Public Participation and Civic Education Units.


A leading dynamic and informative administrative system for efficient and effective public service.


To enhance coordination and supervision for effective and efficient public service delivery to citizens.


  1. Provide Leadership in Governance
  2. Coordination and Support for General Administration of entire county services
  3. Coordination of public participation and civic education in efforts to ensure open governance and inclusivity of all
  4. Align Human Resources support systems and functions to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in Service Delivery.
  5. Control of alcoholic drinks, drugs and pornography.
  6. IPPD management



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