Financing Locally-Led Climate Action Plan (FLLoCA)

Brief about FLLoCA Program

Financing Locally-Led Climate Action (FLLoCA) is a 5 years Government of Kenya program jointly supported by the Government of Kenya, World Bank and other Donors aimed at delivering locally-led climate resilience actions and strengthening county and national governments’ capacity to manage climate risk.

Objectives of the Program

  1. Strengthen the capacity of county level institutions and stakeholders at local level especially the Ward Climate Change Planning Committees (WCCPCs) at the ward level to accelerate climate
  2. To support community led local initiatives for enhanced community resilience and enhance sustainable
  3. To increase access to green/environmentally friendly technologies to deliver low carbon climate resilient development within the county.
  4. Enhance transparency and accountability on support provided and actions implemented
  5. Support the development and strengthen policy, legal and regulatory frameworks at the county level for accelerated access to climate financing for building resilience at local level The FLLoCA Program is being implemented by the National Treasury through the Program Implementation Unit (NTPIU) and the County Government through the County Climate Change Unit (CCCU)

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