Livestock Development, Cooperatives & Fisheries

Vision of the Department

An innovative, commercially oriented sub-sector.

Mission of the Department

To improve livelihood of county citizens through promotion of competitive and sustainable Livestock, Fisheries, Veterinary and Cooperative Development.

Departmental Overview

At the Department of Livestock, to increase milk production, we see it well to have our farmers access dairy cows. Farmers across the County have so far benefited from over 216 dairy cows and 16 dairy goats.

To ensure that the farmers get maximum returns, the county has set up a milk processing plant in Metkei where currently ELMA milk is processed. There are also Seven milk coolers which are already operational with backup generators. Four milk ATMs have also been installed in Sengwer, Kapchemutwa, Tambach and Soy North Wards and plans are underway for more to be set up across all Wards. Farmers also were given forage pulverizing machines which will see them produce their own dairy feed thereby reducing the cost of production. A livestock food processing centre has also been set up in HZ, Kabiemit Ward.

Farmers who specialize on keeping cows for beef production have also not been left behind. We have distributed 30 Sahiwal cows to farmers across the valley and constructed nine selling yards.

On poultry farming, farmers across the County have benefited from 14,128 layers and we expect the programme to continue so as to reach many households. Ten egg incubators have been bought to ensure this is achieved.

At the fishing sector, with the coming up of hotels in Iten Town which has seen the demand of fish rise, the department has bought more than 158,000 fingerlings and distributed to farmers. So far, there are 163 fish bonds operating. Additionally, we have given our farmers in the bee keeping sector some 126-bee hives and four honey extractors and a honey processor.



Peter Chepkwony

Director, Livestock & Fisheries Development

Philip Seroney

Director, Cooperatives Development


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