Lands, Water, Environment & Natural Resources

The department deals with water supplies, solid and liquid waste management, physical planning, environment and climate change adaptation. The county government, in partnership with development partners, will continue to emphasize on primary access to clean water, safe disposal of waste, protection of the environment and better management of water utilities.


Sustainable access to clean, safe and adequate water in a well-planned and secure environment.


To plan, promote, conserve and protect the county natural resources for sustainability of quality life.

Mandates for directorate of Water and Sanitation services

  1. To increase water access by planning and implementing of water infrastructures.
  2. Provision of water management and sanitation services in urban and rural areas.
  3. Enforcement of water quality standards and control of Water pollution.
  4. Implementation of County water policies through Water Resource Users Association (WRUA).
  5. Capacity building on water related trends and issues.
  6. Coordination of water sector stakeholders.
  7. Resource mobilization for water infrastructure development

Mandates for directorate of Lands, Environment and Climate change

  1. Provision of County forestry and farm forestry extension services
  2. Implementation of Solid waste management and control
  3. Ensures environmental protection, conservation and nuisance control.
  4. Climate Change Management and adaptation measures.
  5. To achieve orderly coordinated efficient and environmentally sound land uses and development in both urban and rural areas.
  6. To ensure mainstreaming climate change in development and implementation of county projects.



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