Finance & Economic Planning

The department focus on coordination of fiscal responsibility as provided for in PFM Act 2012, policy formulation and economic development in line with the country’s’ development blue print Vision 2030.

It comprises of the following sections/directorates; Economic Planning and Budgeting, Monitoring and Evaluation, Accounting Services, Supply Chain Management and Revenue.


A leading sector in public finance management, economic policy formulation and coordination of development.


To provide overall leadership and policy direction in resource mobilization, management and accountability for quality public service delivery.


  1. Strengthen planning, budgeting processes, and enhance policy formulation for effective monitoring and implementation of public resources.
  2. Advise the county government on public financial accounting, management, fiscal discipline and ensure compliance through implementation of approved accounting standards, policies and concepts.
  3. Mobilize resources, develop and implement plans to broaden revenue base and efficient revenue collection.
  4. Coordinate supply chain services through provision of administrative guidelines on implementation and interpretation of public procurement acts.



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