Education and technical Training

The Department of Education and Technical Training is committed to enhancing access, equity and provision of high quality education to pre-school children and youths in vocational training centres.The department comprises education which is mainly the pre-primary education targeting children aged four to five (4-5) and vocational training for skills development in various occupational trades amongst the youth.


A globally competitive quality education, training, research and innovation for sustainable development.


To provide, promote and coordinate quality education and training, integration of science, technology and innovation for sustainable socio-economic development.


  1. Implementation of ECDE and vocational training policies.
  2. Administration and management of early childhood programmes.
  3. Administration and management of vocational training programmes.
  4. Coordinate implementation of ECDE and vocational training curricula.
  5. Provide curriculum support materials to both ECDE centres and vocational training centres (VTCs).
  6. Develop infrastructure in ECDE centres and VTCs.
  7. Maintain quality standards in ECDE and vocational training institutions.
  8. Disburse county bursaries to various institutions as per the approved beneficiary lists.
  9. Disburse support grants to registered public VTC institutions.



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