Education and technical Training

A quality education, training and research system responsive to the socio-economic needs of the society

Early Childhood Education (ECD) is recognized, as one of the most important levels for accelerating the attainment of education.

Our objective is to promote of access, equity, quality and relevant in technical and vocational education and training and pre-primary education.

In that regard, the County has managed to enroll more than 34,000 pupils.

These were as a result of the county government investment in  employing more than 800 ECD teachers, construction and equipping of pre-primary school classrooms.

On Vocational training, the County has managed to offer infrastructure and equipment support  in form of construction of workshops, dormitories and supply of training equipment. This has since seen the significant rise in enrolment of Vocational Training students.

More than 2700 secondary, college and university students from needy families have benefitted from Sh27 million bursary funds from the County.



Paul Tenoi

Director, Education & Technical Training


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