Agriculture and Irrigation

Vision of the Department 

An innovative, commercially-oriented and modern agricultural ventures.

Mission of the Department

To promote, coordinate and implement integrated socio-economic policies and programmes aimed at improving livelihoods of the people through competitive and sustainable agriculture.

Departmental Overview

Agriculture remains the bedrock of development in our County. Consequently, the department will ensure that residents of Elgeyo Marakwet will be able to produce food enough to feed their families and venture into commercial food production.

This will improve livelihoods of the people of the county through promotion of competitive agriculture

The Highland parts of Elgeyo Marakwet County are ideal dairy farming and cash & food crop production. These crops include; tea, pyrethrum, potatoes, passion fruits, vegetables (cabbages, kales, carrots and peas), temperate fruits, Maize, wheat and beans.

The Lowland is ideal for production of  Mangoes, Oranges, Avocadoes, Bananas, Tomatoes, Pawpaw, Groundnuts, Passion fruits, Watermelon, dryland cereals (millets, maize, pearl millets and sorghum) and legumes (beans, pigeon peas, green grams, cowpeas, soya, and chickpeas).

Apart from promoting improved seed varieties, disease and pests’ prevention and adoption of modern agricultural technologies strategies, we have put in place mechanisms that would enhance productivity and efficiency in agricultural production.We have purchased tractors, offered our farmers seeds at subsidized prices and rehabilitated Kabonon/Kapkamak irrigation scheme, Arror irrigation scheme and coming up with new others like Kipchukuku Irrigation project.

The Department has also developed farmer training and demonstration centres within the county to supplement the work of extension officers.

Services Offered

  1. Response to clients’ inquiries
  2. Provision of extension services to the citizens
  3. Crop/livestock damage assessment
  4. Artificial insemination services
  5. Surveillance and management of pests and disease outbreak
  6. Livestock vaccinations
  7. Issuance of licenses, certificates and permits
  8. Fish pond sitting and pegging
  9. Survey and technical designs of irrigation projects
  10. Hiring out of ATC facilities and machinery
  11. Survey and technical designs of Land management structures



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