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County procures garbage truck compactor

By September 10, 2021 No Comments

The County Government of Elgeyo Marakwet has procured a 10 tonne refuse garbage compactor truck and other accessories at a tune of 13 million to aid garbage collection in Iten Municipality and it’s environs.

The Truck financed under Kenya Urban Support Program (KUSP) is part of the three other projects done in phase two of Kenya Urban Support Program projects, which include Disaster Management Centre which is 80% Complete and 2 km walk ways which is close to its completion.

It’s a big reprieve to business community as now they can dispose garbage with ease thus making Iten a clean and free from litters and garbage which has been a big challenge for many years.

This will go along way in enhancing service delivery particularly in environmental conservation and general hygiene in urban setup of Iten town and other upcoming urban centres across the County.

Speaking during inspection of the truck before delivery, CECm Abraham Barsosio said that for so many years, Iten has been using a tractor to collect garbage which has been inefficient due to its capacity.

“We have been spending over 7 hours in collection and disposal of garbage, but now we are assured of only 2 hours” said Barsosio.

He added that, tractor needs alot of manpower and prone to contamination which posses serious health conditions to conservancy staff.

“For the tractor to collect and dispose garbage, one needs to have at least seven staff at a go which tedious, but with the truck, only two inviduals can work and others reassigmed other duties.” said Barsosio.

With the procurement of truck, there will be alot of efficiency and minimal time will be used to collect and dispose the waste.

On the other hand Chief officer environment, Mr. Josphat Tanui noted that the department is finding alternative dumping site for Iten town and other upcoming urban centres within County like Kapcherop and Kapsowar and Flax.

“The truck will not only serve Iten, but it will be utilized in various upcoming urban centres in our County” said Tanui.

According to the deputy Municipal manager Mr. Josphat Kerich, noted that they are going to carry out sensitisation on proper ways of sorting and storing of wastes before collection and disposal.

“We shall have various public awareness on how to sort those wastes before being collected and disposed.” Kerich noted.

This comes just a few days before the International Day on Environmental Clean up which will be celebrated in Kapcherop town.