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County carries out 17,468 livestock inseminations (AI) with 80% success rate

By May 26, 2019 No Comments

At the start of devolution, the County embarked on the promotion of pedigree dairy, sheep, goats, poultry, beef breeds as well as encouraging beekeeping among our farmers across the wards.

To this end, the County purchased and distributed 261 pedigree heifers, 16 dairy goats, 45 wool sheep ewes and 125 rams, 30 dorper sheep and 75 rams, 103 galla bucks goats, 14, 038 improved chicken, 28 Sahiwal bulls and 157 bee hives and their accessories.

Under the subsidized Artificial Insemination (AI) programme the County has so far been able to carry out 17,468 inseminations with a 80 percent success rate.

“We achieved this through employment of inseminators and purchase of motorbikes for their mobility in the wards. This intervention has subsequently increased milk production in the County drastically.,” said Livestock CEC Dr Joseph Kiyeng.

To provide storage and market for the milk, the County went further to construct 10 milk coolers and installed 13 coolers in wards that had ready houses while this is ongoing in Sambirir, Kapsowar, Sengwer and Kapchemutwa wards so that all wards are covered.

“This is in addition to installation of one livestock feed formulation plant in Kabiemit, eight milk dispensers in Sengwer, Kapchemutwa, Tambach, Soy North and Metkei, one milk processing plant in Metkei, two mlik software equipment in Kamariny and Kaptarakwa and a silage making equipment in Sengwer,” said the CEC.

To promote livestock marketing and health, the County constructed 9 sale yards in nine wards, 23 new dips, 10 vaccination crushes and rehabilitated 106 dips. We have further vaccinated over 592,000 livestock for various diseases

“In other sub sectors, the County also purchased a wool cleaning plant based in Kapyego ward, 13 egg incubators in Cherangany Chebororwo, Soy North, Kaptarakwa, Chepkorio, Metkei and Kabiemit wards,” added Dr Kiyeng.

To boost the cooperative movement, the County offered support to our existing cooperative societies by purchasing pulping machines, coffee seeds, seed nursery establishment, pyrethrum seeds, tomato seeds, purchase of a tractor, an incubator, a forage shredder, tea farming support, nursery fencing, wool cleaning and dryer machine, AI kits, green grams polishing machine and milk coolers.

“We have also supported the construction of stores and offices for some cooperatives and purchased software to support digitization of the cooperatives,” said the CEC.

The CEC challenged residents in the County to join cooperatives since the County and National Government was now focusing on channeling support through the societies. “It is very easy and fast supporting groups of farmers instead of individuals. Besides, when you pull together, you become stronger and can demand services as a group rather than as an individual,” said the CEC.