Vision of the Department

A socially cohesive county rich in sports, culture and heritage.

Mission of the Department

To formulate, mainstream and implement policies that promotes sharing of cultural experiences and talents while celebrating heritage and empowering vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Departmental overview

The county is home to many of Kenya’s and the world’s greatest athletes, thanks to its high altitude terrain and sporting talents. It has brought honor and pride to Kenya and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future due to the large number of events, medals and trophies that have been won.

There are several self-help, women and youth groups across the county. These, include faith-based and community-based organizations. There are a total of 4925 registered groups in the county out of which 2296 are women groups while 2029 are youth groups. Some of these groups have been able to access loans from the various government programmes in the past though more initiatives need to be initiated so as to benefit more groups.

In pursuit of gender equality and involving both genders in development, building capacity on women is paramount. People with Disabilities (PWDs) and children also play a vital role in achieving collective development whose benefits is evenly distributed.

The county intends to focus on sports stadia development, sports activities enhancements, talents development and  mentorship programs, women, special needs groups and youth empowerment, and culture promotion and development.

Apart from athletics for which the county is famed, the county government t will ensure all other suitable sports activities are nurture and developed through; nurturing infrastructure related to soccer, netball, rugby, handball, archery, volleyball, and indoor games such as pool, chess towards maximising on talents diversity amongst the county residents and establish and develop paragliding sites given the emergence of paragliding as a popular sport with the terrain of the county. It also intends to establish and develop 1 sports academy by 2017 and initiate 1 annual international marathon event by 2014.

In the next five years we intend to establish and develop 6 cultural centers and 1 annual cultural events to showcase the county culture, strive to nurture the county communities’ cultures by creating visitor experiences, activities and marketing programs that are respectful and accurate and support county programs and cultural practitioners, craftsmen, musicians and other artists to preserve and perpetuate the communities’ culture where appropriate.