Vision of the Department

A diversified, vibrant and globally competitive economy with sustainable and equitable development.

Mission of the Department

To create an enabling environment for fair trade practices, marketing, tourism development and diverse innovative investments.

Departmental overview

The scenic Escarpments and the beautiful Kerio Valley being viewed at the highest points across the county are the main tourist attractions.

The Rimoi Game Reserve located at the centre of Kerio Valley is another huge tourism potential within the county. The ideal climatic condition and the altitude of the highlands within the county offer an opportunity for sports tourism especially given that local and international athletes train at Iten, Kapsait and Kapcherop areas which are in close proximity to the tourism sites.

Iten urban center also offers an ideal environment for paragliding sports. Tourism infrastructure in our county constitute of four standard class tourist hotels situated in Iten, Chesongoch, Cheptebo and Kaptagat with a combined bed capacity of 100.

The county is endowed with different wild animals like elephants, baboons, antelopes, birds and snakes.

Trade ventures have considerably grown over the years mainly because of the county’s proximity to Eldoret town. However, traders have been limited in their aspirations to maximize on this advantage because of their lack of substantial capital. Fresh produce markets and Jua kali shades have in past been constructed to foster trade.

Increased electricity coverage is expected to create a favorable environment and spur business. The county therefore has planned to connect and distribute electricity to most parts by 2017.

The county has a total of 130 cooperative societies with a total membership of 24,450. These societies mainly deal in dairy farming, coffee, pyrethrum, tea, real estate and SACCOs. The share capital for these societies is approximately Kshs 276,000,555 while the turn-over and deposits at Kshs 276,170,331 and Kshs 1,707,006,447 respectively. We have set targets to enhance the potential of cooperative societies which include:

ð       Building the capacity of the cooperatives societies’ management committees on financial and management skills.

ð       Guaranteeing cooperatives within the financial borrowing framework to undertake capital investments.

ð       Facilitating value addition initiatives through establishment of small scale industries driven by cooperatives.