Livestock Development, Cooperatives & Fisheries


Vision of the Department

An innovative, commercially oriented sub-sector.

Mission of the Department

To improve livelihood of county citizens through promotion of competitive and sustainable Livestock, Fisheries, Veterinary and Cooperative Development.

Departmental Overview

At the Department of Livestock, to increase milk production, we see it well to have our farmers access dairy cows. Farmers across the County have so far benefited from over 216 dairy cows and 16 dairy goats.

To ensure that the farmers get maximum returns, the county has set up a milk processing plant in Metkei where currently ELMA milk is processed. There are also Seven milk coolers which are already operational with backup generators. Four milk ATMs have also been installed in Sengwer, Kapchemutwa, Tambach and Soy North Wards and plans are underway for more to be set up across all Wards. Farmers also were given forage pulverizing machines which will see them produce their own dairy feed thereby reducing the cost of production. A livestock food processing centre has also been set up in HZ, Kabiemit Ward.

Farmers who specialize on keeping cows for beef production have also not been left behind. We have distributed 30 Sahiwal cows to farmers across the valley and constructed nine selling yards.

On poultry farming, farmers across the County have benefited from 14,128 layers and we expect the programme to continue so as to reach many households. Ten egg incubators have been bought to ensure this is achieved.

At the fishing sector, with the coming up of hotels in Iten Town which has seen the demand of fish rise, the department has bought more than 158,000 fingerlings and distributed to farmers. So far, there are 163 fish bonds operating. Additionally, we have given our farmers in the bee keeping sector some 126-bee hives and four honey extractors and a honey processor.


Lands, Water, Environment & Natural Resources


Sustainable access to clean, safe and adequate water in a well-planned and secure environment


To plan, promote, conserve and protect the county natural resources for sustainability of quality life.


Conscious of the environmental challenges in the Cheragany hills, escarpments and the Kerio Valley, the county government has planted 1,100,000 assorted exotic tree seedlings on farmlands and institutions. Further, 6,000 Bamboo seedlings were planted in wetlands, springs and water catchment areas that include: Lelan Wetland, Emsoo Dam Wetland, Kap Ali Spring in Iten Town and Lolgarini Dam in Kabiemit.

Deforestation, forest encroachment, charcoal burning, soil erosion, forest fires, illegal logging being  the main causes of environmental degradation, the County has put in place measures to curb the menace through enacting the Elgeyo Marakwet Charcoal Act, 2017 which is intended to regulate production of charcoal and enhance environmental conservation.

In collaboration with the ministry of lands, physical planning and the National Land Commission the county has been able to fast track land adjudication in eight sections resulting in issuance of title deeds thus enhancing secure land tenure.

The Iten Town Spatial Plan was completed, and as of 2017, four other development plans are ongoing for other urban areas like Kapsowar, Sokobora, Flax and Kamwosor.

Currently water services has improved in rural and urban areas from 32% to 40% and 47% to 55% respectively. This is owed to community-based projects and water service providers which has seen more than 355 kilometres of pipeline extended thus increasing the number of households with access to piped water by 9,119.

County Public Service Board

The county public service board is mandated to and responsible for the human resource management of the county public service. The board has a secretariat responsible for execution of its decisions. We are delighted to provide service to the county.


An excellent County Public service that provides effective services and promotes the people to champion service delivery.


To align human resource, support systems and functions to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.Powers of a County Public Service Board (Section 59 of t)

Powers of the County Public Service Board includes

  1. Inform and educate county public officers and the public about the values and principles;
  2. Recommend to the county government effective measures to promote the values and principles;
  3. Assist county governments in the formulation and implementation of programs intended to inculcate in public officers the duty to uphold the values and principles;
  4. Advice the county government on their obligation under international treaties and conventions on good governance in the county public service;
  5. Visit any county public office or body to a view to assessing and inspecting the status of compliance with the values and principles;
  6. Investigate, on its own initiative or upon a complaint made by any person, the violation of any values and principles;
  7. Recommend to any relevant lawful authority, any necessary action in view of the violation of the values and principles by any person or public body;
  8. Cooperate with other institutions working in the field of good governance in the public service;
  9. Perform any other function as the board may considers necessary for the promotion of the values and principles.

The functions of the County Public Service Board shall be, on behalf of the County Government, to—

  1. Establish and abolish offices in the county public service;
  2. Appoint persons to hold or act in offices of the county public service including confirming appointments.
  3. Exercise disciplinary control over staff in the county public service
  4. Prepare regular reports for submission to the county assembly on the execution of its functions .
  5. Promote ethical standards in the operation of the county public service
  6. Develop a coherent, integrated HR planning and budgeting for personnel emoluments in the county.
  7. Advice on implementation and monitoring performance management system.
  8. Make recommendations to SRC

Tourism, Culture, Wildlife, Trade & Industry

Vision of the Department 

A globally competitive and innovative tourism, trade and industrial sector for socio-economic development.

Mission of the Department

To provide an enabling environment that facilitates trade investments, tourism enhancement, industrial development and cultural preservation for socio-economic growth.

Departmental Overview

Elgeyo Marakwet County prides with Kerio Valley National Reserve (Rimoi), Sports Tourism and natural features like the Torok Falls, Cheploch Gorge, Cherang’any Hills and the famous Iten View Point which offers a magnificent view of Kerio Valley  among others.

For ease movement of tourists, a tourist guide book , which captures many aspects of the County is available at our office.

With its perfect altitude, tranquility and the great trails, Iten town has remained to be the leading training ground for middle and long distant runners in the world.

We have seen great athletes like Britain’s Mo Farah, Paula Radcliffe and Hannah England training here. Also, some of our famous athletes who train in Iten include: Former world record holder marathon and London marathon champion Wilson Kipsang , two times world champion marathon Abel Kirui and 800 metres world record holder, David Rudisha. Others include world half marathon  record holder, Florence kiplagat, double world champion marathon Edna Kiplagat, world champion half marathon Mary Keitany and 1500 metres Olympic champion Asbel Kiprop among others.  

Deep down in the heart of Kerio Valley stands Rimoi Game Reserve which is the home to the largest herds of the Elephants in Eastern Africa. The County has also partnered with other international partners such as Swedish local government known as Region Vasterbotten who are helping to establish sustainable tourism and also negotiating with tourism stakeholders among them the Tourism Finance Corporation to set up eco lodges. The County has opened up a shorter route to the reserve through the Nyawa-Rimoi road which will make more tourists visit the park.

To bolster Trade, we have empowered our small scale traders through improvement of market stalls, open air markets and improving sanitation. We have also assisted groups and individuals acquire training on value addition in collaboration with national government agencies such as the Export Promotion Council.  Plans to establish an Export Promotion Zone (EPZ) are currently underway.