Vision of the Department

A world class provider of cost-effective physical infrastructure.

Mission of the Department

To provide efficient, affordable and reliable infrastructure through construction, modernization, rehabilitation and effective management of all infrastructure facilities for sustainable socio- economic growth and development.

Departmental Overview

The county currently has a total road network of 1,579.4 km of which 152 km (9.6 percent) is Bitumen (tarmac), 996.2 km is gravel surface (63.1 percent) and 431.2 km is earth (27.3 percent). The county has 2 Airstrips; Tot and Chepsirei, though these airstrips have not been utilized optimally coupled with irregular maintenance.

 Notwithstanding the relatively high cost of road construction, we have set the following targets to achieve accessibility to most parts of the county;

  • Improve all the earth surface roads to gravel standards by 2017
  • Construct 2 all-weather roads by 2017 (Kipsaos-Kocholwo-Kimwarer-Emsea-Tot-Marich Pass) and (Nyaru-Kaptarakwa- Iten-Bugar-Kapsowar-Chesoi)
  • Classify all unclassified roads
  • Establish 16 footbridges
  • Maintain 1,500 Km of existing roads annually
  • Purchase 2 bailey bridges for emergency cases
  • Build 100 bridges by 2017

In striving to improve our physical infrastructure in roads, energy and ICT, we target several initiatives and strategies which include; roads and Airstrips construction and improvement, public works quality assurance, street lighting, energy generation (hydro, solar, wind, biogas), electricity reticulation, management Information Systems (MIS) and ICT in public institutions and communities.

The low levels of electricity connectivity in households, institutions and business establishments in the county and the expected high electricity demand arising from the proposed investments in value addition industries, calls for new approach to tap on the electricity generation potential that exist.

We have laid down various strategies and targets that will be pursued in five years. These strategies and targets include;

  • Commitment to the continued institutional reforms in the energy sector
  • Facilitate strong regulatory framework through appropriate legislation.
  • Encouraging private generation of power through favorable legislations and policy frameworks.
  • Generate electricity through 6 hydropower projects from Arror, Embobut, Embomon, Torok, Embolot and Talal Dam rivers.