Vision of the Department

To be an efficient and high quality health care system that is accessible, equitable and affordable for every Kenyan.

Mission of the Department

To promote and participate in the provision of integrated and high quality promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care services to all Kenyans.

Departmental Overview

Currently, there district hospitals, six sub-district hospitals, one mission hospital, 16 health centres, 79 dispensaries and 10 private clinics in the county. The doctor to patient ratio at the county is 1:15,548 whereas that of nurse to patient is 1:2,241.

The average distance to a health facility is 8 km. The 5 most prevalent diseases are: upper respiratory tract infection, clinical malaria, pneumonia, eye infection, skin infection, HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis in order of prevalence.

The Life expectancy for residents of the county currently stands at 62.8 and 69.6 for males and females respectively.

This indicates a relatively healthy population though we emphasis on; providing adequate well-trained health workers, more health facilities, modern medical equipment, staff residential houses, immunization coverage, safe mothers’ deliveries, disease prevention rather than treatment, efficient and reliable drugs supply and efficient service delivery.

On immunization, over 60 percent of children below five years complete immunization. Infant mortality rate stands at 50 deaths per 1,000 live births from 77 while under-five mortality rate stands at 72 deaths per 1,000 live births. The prevalence of stunting and wasting in children below 5 years is 20 percent.

The health initiatives that we seek to emphasize on include; improvement and upgrading of health facilities, service delivery enhancement, community health strategy, efficient drugs and commodities management strategy, purchase more cemetery sites and equip existing mortuaries to transform them into modern status.