(Continuation) The bars, according to the Governor were only selling hard drinks and had ruined young people who should have been productive considering the agricultural potential of the region and business opportunities. 

“There is no way that we can have people camping in drinking dens idling and engaging in alcoholism throughout the day,” said Tolgos while addressing a public baraza in Kapsoo village in Keiyo South.

The owners of the bars in majority of the trading centres across the area were all strangers begging the question why they were scrambling for premises to put up drinking dens alone instead of other decent businesses, noted Mr. Tolgos.

Interestingly, some drunkards in the area were telephoning the Governor at night once inebriated and asking him to help them close down the bars.

“Should alcoholism become nuisance in your neighbourhood, let us know and you will see us swing into action. We rather have you put up alternative businesses than the long chain of  bars,” said the Governor amid applauses from the crowd.

The Governor challenged unemployed youth in the area to form groups and register companies through which they could apply for business tenders, promising that his government would give them priority.

“This is one of the ways you can transform yourselves economically and redeem yourselves from poverty instead of engaging in alcoholism,” advised Tolgos.

The Governor who was on sensitization baraza about soil conservation in the region was accompanied by his deputy Wisley Rotich, Agriculture Executive Shadrack Yatich among other county officials.